Is there a way to "Turn Off" a traditional project?

Is there a way to turn off a traditional project? I help manage “SuperProject 3” and the collection period for this project is over. I didn’t make it a collection project since we only wanted people we invited to join the project to be able to add observations to it. Is it possible to have this project “closed?” We still want it visible, downloadable, and to people able to sort the observations.

I know how to use the sorting feature, and we will communicate to our participants to not add their observations to this project any longer, but just wondering if there is a “turn off” feature to a traditional project.



Hey Richard,

I don’t think there’s an official way to “close” a project, but a workaround might be to edit the project so that only project curators can add observations. That would make it so that users can’t add new observations - only the admins and managers (and curators, if you had them) of the project would be able to.

Hope that’s helpful!


Hi Alison. By switching the submission model so only project curators can add observations, will that affect the past observations that have already been posted? Or does it only affect it from the moment you change the submission model?


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