How to swich off English names and use only latin?

I find it disturbing that English names of organisms appear in the “species name” window when I report large numbers of observations at the same time. Different species can have the same English name and these names have little meaning for me. It gives a lot of extra work to open the English name window just in order to see the scientific name. This is necessary during the control of in-data before the final submission. How can I limit to scientific names only? Thanks for your help.

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Maybe that’s just me, but I’m not sure what you mean by “species name window” or “reporting observations”.

Anyway, there’s a setting in the Account Settings you can change to make scientific names be displayed first if that’s what you’re looking for.


It’s on the Content & Display tab of your account settings.

Changing Display to Scientific Name (Common Name) will put the scientific name first.


And changing it to just “Scientific Name” will omit the common names entirely and only show scientific names, if that’s what you prefer.


For some unknown reason, I was sure the third option was to display common names only :neutral_face:

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