Why aren't Project Members not showing up as users when the project setting are set that way

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Hi @dmlamm, can you please provide URL(s) and explain the issue in more detail? Thanks!

I think what’s going on here is that “Project Members Only” is checked and @dmlamm is expecting to see a list of the members’ usernames here - is that correct?

If so, that’s not how the Project Members Only requirement works. You can always see the list of members by clicking on this number here:

Which will tell you whose observations can be included in the project.

Actually no that wasn’t what I was asking. We have 25 project members but only 17 observers and their observations are showing up. I was contacted by one member regarding this and it may be the other members do not have their privacy setting at open. If you know of any other factors that may apply to this I would greatly appreciate the help.

OK, so you’re referring to this number (red arrow)?

That number, like all the other numbers there, are based on the observations that are “in” the project (ie have met the project’s requirments). It’s saying “there are 979 observations which meet this project’s requirements, and those were made by 17 accounts”. So it looks like 8 members of the project have not made observations meeting the project’s requirements.

If you think there are observations not in the project that you think shoudl be int he project, please provide URLs for those.

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6 members have no observations
2 members are excluded in the project settings

25 - 6 - 2 = 17

no bug here.

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