How to turn off keyboard shortcuts on Identify?

Sort of on topic-- how can we turn off the hotkeys in Identify mode?! I never use these and the “a” = agree issue never was an issue before tonight, but suddenly it’s tripped me up on half a dozen observations when I’ve tried typing in a name and it’s driving me nuts. Did some update go through that just made these active by default? I’m not seeing any documentation in the Help, Settings, or on the Forums for how to disable these hotkeys.

There isn’t a way to turn them off that I’m aware of, but see this recent bug report

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Thanks for the heads up. Here’s hoping the developers do something. I’m staying out of Identify today.

Kinda funny that you split this comment off into its own thread-- I’d originally written a separate post about this, but then figured it’d be better to add it to another chain where the issue had been brought up for continuity’s sake. Ah well, live and learn!

I had a laugh about that too when I saw it afterwards in the list of recently deleted posts (which only mods/staff can see I think). Yeah, similar topic but different enough for its own post I think. And then other people with the same question can find the answer more easily. :)


Ideally focus should switch to the Species text input after clicking the “Add ID” button.

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The bug has been fixed.

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