Change the keyboard input focus to the "I don't know but I am sure this is ..." after entering a disagreeing ID

Platform(s): Web


Description of need:
While ID’ing, I use the keyboard. When I enter a dissenting ID, I get the following dialog:

I have to tab three times to get to “I don’t know but I am sure this is…” or I need to move my hand over to the mouse to click and then back to the keyboard to continue ID’ing.

Feature request details:
After entering a dissenting ID and hitting on the “Save” button, set the input focus to the green “I don’t know but…” button on the “Potential Disagreement” dialog.

I also use the Tab key for this. I don’t know how many people have this committed to muscle memory though.

This feature request would also apply to the observation detail page. Just two tabs there though currently.


I find that using tab is much slower and more straining on my fingers than keeping my mouse in the one spot and clicking (when going through many observations that need disagreeing).


imo this feature would mostly affect the most active identifiers, who are also the most likely to get annoyed by any change whatsoever.


This isn’t a bad idea! I’ll give this a try (but I’d still prefer to stay on the keyboard).

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Is there a place where iNat keyboard shortcuts in general are explained?

In the lower left of the Identify modal:

Although “standard” keyboard uses like pressing tab to swap the focus area aren’t detailed.


Added a GitHub issue here:

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This has just been implemented.


Tested. Works great!

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