Search countries in the language of your settings

I’m not sure if this post should be in this category or if there is already a similar one. When looking for a country in the search bar there is usually no problem, but there are some cases in which the expected results are not shown, this occurs when the country has a different name in English, I speak Spanish, for some cases it is easy to get used to the names in English, for example: Brazil instead of Brasil, Belize instead of Belice. But things get complicated with European countries, for example: Switzerland (Suiza in spanish), Sweden (Suecia in spanish), Netherlands (Países bajos), etc. Although for example I have learned some of the names in English for some countries, but because INaturalist is open to everyone, it is a bit exclusionary for people who do not speak English. I think this could apply for other languages in which the names of the countries are different in English. So what I propose is to allow the search for countries in the language of your settings.

If you search for Spain it does not return Spain, I always found this a bit complicated.✓&q=spain&commit=Zoeken


Something we’re investigating, but it’s fairly complex.


Any progress?

I opened that issue 25 minutes ago, so no progress. Right now it’s just to get it in the pipeline, I can’t estimate when or if it will happen.

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