How to view observations hidden behind identical coordinates

I often have multiple observations of multiple species (e.g. dragonflies) that all have the same coordinates because of the very small sample area. When I go to look at a map of my observations of dragonflies (odonata), at a particular location I can only see one pin and if I click on the pin, only one of the many observations come up. Zooming in does not resolve the issue. Is there a way to see all of the observations that are behind that pin point? If it would show all the observations with identical coordinates, that would help. But perhaps there is another way I am not familiar with yet. Your help appreciated. Matt

If you are using “Explore” you can click “redo search in area” and then switch to list or grid view which should show you all the obs in the area.


You could try using the “Draw rectangular/circular boundary” on the map. Drag over that area then look at all of them in grid view.


Thank-you @cthawley and @megan_blackmore!!! Both of those methods work great! I guess I had never even used those features and they faded into invisibility to me. Thanks for pointing them out! Much appreciated! :-)


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