Not all observations displayed on the Explore map in specific case of 3 observations recorded at the same time

UPDATE: it looks like i can’t reproduce this problem any more. i’m not sure what changed, but it’s probably not anything to be worried about at this point.

ORIGINAL: here (, i have 3 different observations by 3 different people of what i’m pretty sure are the same bugs on the same thistle plant. none of these are research grade, though 2 are at genus level while one is at infraorder. the date of observation for all of these is Apr 30 2018 1:27PM CDT. but their recorded locations are slightly different (i assume due to GPS accuracy limitations). so when i view this on a map, i’m expecting to see 3 points, but i see only one of the points. if i hover over the other observations in the pane on the right side of the map view, i’ll pop-ups appear on the map pointing to where the observations should be on the map.

should i expect to see 3 points, or is the system designed to show me just one point? (maybe the system is doing some sort of shortcut in this situation? maybe it thinks that since these have the same date and are somewhat near each other, it only needs to show one of these observations?)

interestingly, if i use a slightly different place that brings back a few other observations (, the 3 observations show up on this map, if i zoom in enough.

if i look at the individual observations, the one that shows up in the original link has an accuracy range of 12m, while the others that don’t show up have ranges of 9m and undefined. so even though the 2 missing ones are somewhat close to the border of the place, i don’t think they actually fall outside of the boundary line.

actually, it looks like when i look at the original link now, the 3 observations will also show up. i’m not sure what changed, but i don’t think there’s an issue at this point.