My Observations Not Appearing on Map - or more than one obs showing under the same pin

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I have several observations in a certain area called Flower Mountain and noticed that there are only about three pins viewable in this area on the Map view - both under My Obs page and on the general World Map.

Step 1: Go here: and change view to Map

Step 2: Click on any of my observations that are listed as “Flower Mountain” in the ‘sidebar’.

Step 3: Notice that they are all showing as under that one pink pin on the map.

Also, you can see it here:

Step 1:

Step 2: Zoom into this area - NW of Haines, AK

Step 3: Click on the pink pin again. When I do this, it always appears as my Coral Fungi obs of Aug 23, although this obs was way down the mountain on the trail - not up here in the alpine.

This makes me wonder if I’m not seeing others’ pins on the world map as well.

Thanks much!

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All the observations you mentioned appear to me to have the same lat/lng/accuracy. When I click on the pin I see this observation which has a location in the same location as the pin. When multiple observations overlap completely or almost completely, they are represented on the map as a single pin, until you zoom in far enough that they can be distinguished from one another. We choose the most recent observation to represent the pin when clicked on from the map, which is why they coral fungi observation is what you see when you click on the pin.

I’d double check the lat/lng of your observations if you think they should have different locations. Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding. It would help if you could link to specific observations if you think the map is not representing their location properly.