Duplicated location pin on the observation map

Platform Website

Browser Firefox

*URLs: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/68868010

Screenshots of what you are seeing

Description of problem
There is a big blue pin showing the exact location I have submitted with this observation plus an additional small red pin at some distance southwest of it which links to the same observation.

Step 1: Open the above URL (you will see the first image above)

Step 2: Click on the red pin as shown on the second image

Step 3: You will open the same observation as of the above URL.

In other terms the red pin SW of the blue pin links to the same web page as the blue pin ; the red one should not exist.
In fact that red pin was an initial erroneous location that I have modified into the blue pin location. Yet the initial location has not disappeared. It shows even when I open that URL without any credentials.

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The orange pins on the map are intentionally cached for a short period of time - it will update and soon appear underneath the blue pin. When you zoom in or out, you can see the cache has already updated at certain zoom levels and the orange pin disappears.


Ok then I will wait thank you for your very prompt reply.


Thank you for submitting such a complete report! :)


Looks OK now!


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