I keep on seeing same observations posted the same time twice in Explore

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Step 1: On my laptop, using Bing, I go to inaturalist.org

Step 2: I then click on “Explore”

Step 3: scrolling through the observations, the same observations posted the same time, keep coming up twice.

This is a known long existing bug on the site. I’m not sure the cause has ever been determined. It tends to be more common at times of heavy server load and since this weekend is the highest server load the site ever sees, not a surprise it is popping up.


Thanks for the reply!


Best bandaid I’ve found is to make an ID on one (if it’s something I can ID) and see if it showd up on the other one.

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Closing to focus at the existing bug report: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/observations-displayed-multiple-times-when-scrolling-in-grid-view/504