Observations Appearing Twice on "Explore" Tab

Screenshots: (Note the beetle observation and those on its same row are repeated):

Platform: iOS, Website

App version number: 3.2.6

Browser: Chrome

Description of problem

Step 1: Open iNaturalist on app or on website browser, begin at “Your Home” on website.

Step 2: On app, go to “Explore” and set to grid display. Toggle off “Restrict to current map area”.

Step 3: On website, click “Explore” and make sure the page is set to “Grid”.

Step 4: New observations show up on the page more than once. This is happening on both the app and the website, and from multiple of my devices. Most, if not all, of the observations are duplicated on my end (they do not show up twice elsewhere other than the explore tab). They do not show up next to each other, but rather separated by a few lines.

(I’m aware this is a known issue but I have not seen it documented for the iOS app as of yet.)

i think this is the same thing as what is report in https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/observations-displayed-multiple-times-when-scrolling-in-grid-view/504.

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From my memory it was shown for all existing platforms, uncluding iOs.