I posted a feature request yesterday. What happened to it?

More than 12h ago I posted a feature request in the Feature Requests section and I still don’t see it anywhere - not in the section, checked my drafts just in case, no notification or anything about it. What happened to it? How long does it take for a request to be reviewed? Do I get notified if it is approved or not? Is there a way to view my “pending” request(s)?


It’s in the queue for review. Review can take a variable amount of time depending on the availability of staff and volunteer moderators, the particular feature requested, and the volume of pending requests, among other factors. This week has been an unusually high volume week, with considerably more requests than usual. We try to get most requests reviewed within a couple days.

If a request is approved, you will see it show up in the public forum. Otherwise we contact the requester to let them know why it wasn’t approved (often because the functionality already exists or there is already a pending request for the same thing) or to get more information to decide whether to approve.

There is no way to view or edit your pending requests, sorry.


And that can be helpful in itself. I recently had such a rejection, but in the notification, they also explained to me how to find the functionality I was requesting.

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