Questions about feature requests having to be accepted

I have a few related questions about feature requests having to be reviewed before being publicized.

  • why specifically feature requests? I’m just curious why only feature requests have to be reviewed and not other categories. I’m not saying I want other categories to be accepted as well to have to be accepted as well.

  • what are some reasons that a feature request would not be accepted? I made a feature request yesterday, and it has not been accepted yet. Has it just not been seen by a forum moderator?

  • when a feature request is accepted, does it appear at a the beginning of the “latest” stream? if not, a post that is accepted a while after being posted might not be seen by many people.

  • and finally, if a feature request is not accepted, maybe the moderator who does that could message the author with the reason I would really like this, because if my post is not accepted, I want to know why.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The answers to some of your questions can be found in the pinned post in the #feature-requests category. Some main reasons for a feature request not to be approved are because:

  • the functionality being requested already exists but the requester just needs guidance how to use/access the feature
  • someone else has already proposed the idea
  • it’s already on the upcoming list of features that the staff are planning to work on
  • the requester has made too many feature requests in the past week
  • more detail needs to be provided as to which platform they’re referring to and/or what exactly the user is requesting

It’s a small volunteer team of moderators (3) and one staff person (who I think tries not to work on the weekends ;), and all of us are busier than usual with field season/work and/or other matters, so it may take some time for feature requests to be checked against the above and other criteria.

Moderators always privately message the user who suggested the feature if it was not approved. For me it’s much harder to do this from my phone, so I usually wait until I’m back inside at a computer to go through feature requests. Approved feature requests do appear at the top of the Latest stream.


I had a feature request that was moved to General for more discussion. So that’s a possible outcome too.


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