I want to disagree with the 1st ID / Community Taxon computation

See this observation :

The 2nd ID is “Senna”, in disagreement with the 1st ID “Chamaecrista fasciculata”.

I also agree with “Senna” and, of course, I also disagree with “Chamaecrista fasciculata” (“Senna” and “Chamaecrista” are different genus, it is necessarily a disagreement).

At the time I entered “Senna”, the Community Taxon was the tribe “Cassieae”.
The genus “Senna” is not in disagreement with the tribe “Cassieae”, hence my ID is not labelled with “…disagrees this is…”.

But I would like :

  • My ID to appear as “…disagrees this is Chamaecrista fasciculata” as well.
  • More importantly, the Community Taxon to be the genus “Senna” (because we have 2/3 of “Senna” IDs).

Motivation: someone reviewing later the “Senna” genus should review this observation.
(We need not wait for a 3rd “Senna” ID, which would provide 3/4 in favor of “Senna”).

Technically, iNat says “we try to choose a taxon that more than 2/3 of the identifiers agree with”, which is why the Community Taxon is not at Senna. (Click on “About” on any Community Taxon section to see an explanation of the algorithm).


Your ID does disagree with C. fasciculata, iNat just doesn’t show the explicit text stating that after the first disagreement. In the iNat system, it’s not possible to enter a conflicting ID without it being counted as disagreeing.


More about why disagreements work the way they do here.


By not agreeing with the initial ID, you are already disagreeing with it. It’s just that you also happen to be agreeing with the initial disagreeing ID so you don’t get the disagreement text. Sorry if that’s a bit confusing.


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