I would like to get in touch with some observers

I would like to talk to the observers who had the recent observations of Louisiana pinesnakes in 2021. The location appears to be the same for both but with two different people. This is important.

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Your only real option here is to contact them via private message on the site, not the forums. That being said, if the locations are obscured then they are for a reason. I’m assuming you mean no harm but pine snakes are often poached and their habitat is sensitive, so if you don’t get a response then chalk it up to that.


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I can only echo @mertensia

Since the snake is endangered the location is automatically obscured. Best bet is to private message the two observers like @mertensia said


Why is it important to you?


Sorry that this is the wrong place to get in touch with observers. I didn’t see a way to message anyone. I am the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Species Lead for the La pinesnake. I certainly don’t want the locations disclosed to the public. I want to get in touch with the observers for more info, as sightings of LPS not from trapping are exceedingly rare. I am not OLE, I am a biologist. Thanks.


On website open a user’s page and there’ll be a button to send a personal message (plus you can comment on observations).


Apologies - so that is why your acronym is LPS

none necessary, I’m grateful that locations aren’t being shared. Yes, that’s my shorthand.

Thank you, I will try that.

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If you make a project for your target species, you can ask observers to click - willing to share obscured location with project admin.


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