ID incorrectly labelled as maverick

This observation ( just got ID’ed to species. There are currently 3 IDs on the observation; one ‘copepod’ and two ‘Impexus hamondi’. Despite Impexus hamondi being a copepod, it says the copepod ID is a maverick one.

Impexus wasn’t grafted properly but its been fixed now. But the Copepods ID is STILL “Maverick” - I have noticed this happen in the past too when an obs goes RG with improperly grafted taxa and an otherwise valid higher level ID is left hanging. Re-identifying it fixed it when it happened to me.

It’s fixed now, cheers Reiner

try reinstating your higher level ID (not making a new one though) and see if it goes maverick or not

It doesn’t

Feel free to flag any taxon you find that isn’t “grafted properly”. Curators can fix a lot of that stuff. Just note that some taxa are locked at a certain level and can’t be changed so easily.