ID-Module for certain higher taxa level only

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is there a way to set the ID modul to a certain taxa only?
E.g. I would like to search only observations marked as Arachnids in a certain location … the results should not inculde finer IDs that are included in arachnids. I think I can help bringing those “Arachnids” to family levels in many cases, but it´s quite ineffective scrolling to hundreds and thousands of observations that are already at family level and I cannot ID further.


1 Like Start with this and edit the high low as you desire


Set the “high” to arachnids, set the “low” to arachnids. That should do it



Great idea! I’ll start using this approach also

You can also add &exact_taxon_id= at the end of your URL. This will show the taxa you want without its descendants. For example, if you wanted to search for arachnids in the Mediterranean you could use


Perfect! Thanks so much! The various possibilities of the platform are pretty hard to find for a technical noob like me :-)

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You’re welcome. If you’d like to learn more about these URL’s you can find all of them here. They are really useful when searching for something specific.


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