How to identify things at only one taxon level

This is going to be difficult to explain, but I’ll do my best. Is there a way to look at things that need ID, but only at one taxon level? Like if I select Bees, I only want things that have been ID’d to Bees, I don’t want everything under Bees.


Yep! For this you can use the ‘low rank’ option in the filters. Setting the low rank to epifamily (the rank of Anthophila/bees) will give you only observations that are identified to the level of epifamily and nothing lower - excluding anything that’s Needs ID at genus or species for example.

Here is a search URL for it:



Assuming you are using the desktop/browser (and not the app):

  • On the Identify page in the Species box type then select Bees from the list.
  • Open the advanced Filters via the button to the right of the Go button and in there for the Rank select Epifamily in both the “Low” & “High” fields.

I hope this is what you’re after. If you are using the app then the filtering will be similar but I’m not familiar with it.


Further to JayAvery’s post, this is just to view observations (I was hoping you’d want to be ID’ing them) but you need to select the “Needs ID” check box too in the filters.


Perfect! Thank you everyone, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.


@neylon FYI I changed the title of your post to better reflect the question that was being asked and answered – and so no one would confuse it with a request to help ID an observation, which we always redirect to iNaturalist. If you don’t like my changes, you are free to edit further.


Yeah this is for ID’ing purposes, hoping it will save time for me.

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