Ideas for a revamped Explore/Observations Search Page

I have never figured out how and when the page does refresh, as results are often unexpected, and one sees that place or date, and perhaps something else, have changed when going back just one click, intending to view the results one had been looking at. I thought maybe it was required to press the “Update results” at a certain point, but I haven’t figured out when.
Sorry I just realized that’s off-topic, and expands on pisum’s minor bug report, which i would like to see followed up.

maybe something to address in the new Explore page

one more minor bug:

  1. open the Explore screen
  2. open the Filters box
  3. select 1/1/2020 as the date you want to filter by, but change your mind, and select Any observed on date. note that the date is still in the Exact Date box, but Exact date is not selected. you can even close the filter box, and open it back up, and the Any option is still selected, but the date is stipl filled in. not a problem. everything is filtered on Any date at this point.
  4. click on the Download option. note that the download setup reflects 1/1/2020 instead of Any date.

i didn’t check any of the other similar filters or other download options, but the revamped page should probably correctly handle all of these possibilities.

I would like to be able to search for observations of others on which I have checked anything in the Data Quality Assessment section. I’m especially interested in searching for observations that I have checked “as good as it can be”, in case extraneous photos have been removed or additional photos added.