Ideas for a revamped Explore/Observations Search Page

Truncating the corners of a rough bounding box seems fine to me.


I understand, but a position defined with a 10 cm precision is not significant, for wild organisms.
Neither for a flying insect, nor for a plant.


Hm, no, that’s not true at all, for many demography studies. But this is a discussion about the Explore page, not the GPS on individual observations.


Me too

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I agree with charlie - please dont do this. I routinely copy from Obs Details, and use in other Observations, co-ords with 5 or 6 places after the decimal point, to nudge observations into their correct zones, which are smaller than can be placed reliably with a camera, particularly when using different angles, long shots etc

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I use it all the time. I can appreciate some people’s complaints about the observations and filters in the map view, but I dont find them a problem, as it is so easy to switch between full-screen and “cluttered” view - I really dont see why it matters at all!
(Ditto for the map on the Observation view, and Taxon Map view, which I use full-screen a lot. - Although I do wish that the controls were in more or less the same place for all three of these views).
((and the fullscreen map for Places, is lacking some of these controls which is a real pain: e.g. no map/satellite in Edit mode, and no - + in ordinary map mode - and I cannot figure out what the box with arrow in the top rhs does …)).
(((of all the layouts for controls, I like the Explore full screen map layout the best!)))

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I would love a scale bar for distance on the maps please (full screen or not) - all of the different maps!!


i’d just rather have the ‘full screen’ not remove the toolbars and tabs. Is there a way to tweak it so it takes up just the browser window and not literally the whole monitor? Would that still work for you? Maybe it’s jsut me who finds this irritating though in which case notw orth worrying about.

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In the “Species” view, if there is only one observation found for a species :

then the link “1 observation” should not open this page :

it should directly open the observation :

This would spare some server resources and user time.


An observer sollicited me by iNaturalist email to ID his latest observations.
I click on his icon, then in his Users page I click on the tab Observations,
the following page is loaded:

It would be very convenient to have an Identify panel in the Users page,
or an Identify link in the User’s Observations page,
for reviewing his observations, ordered by Date Added, decreasing.

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It does not bother me one way or the other: just one click to reinstate the browser window …
Others may disagree, but I dont mind (either way).

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@jeanphilippeb this topic only for ideas regarding this page on the website:

There is already an open feature request to add a link to Identify on users’ profile pages:


Sorry if the location of this post does not match your expectations.

Note that my 1st screenshot above is precisely this page:

And my suggestion above is precisely to change a link in this page.

So, when you say this thread is about I can only conclude that I am compliant with it (based on the URL that defines the “page”).

Shall we first define what we mean with “a page” (cf. the thread title)?
Maybe you meant a specific “view”, or, say, everything within a particular screenshot.
If I click on “Species”, then I get another “view” of the same “page”, and your may prefer another thread for discussions about it?

I sincerely don’t guess where I should post, sometimes.

I would like to spare your time spent for moderation, and to make posts easier to exploit by the admin and/or development team members.
I am sorry for your time spent.

I was responding to this request:

Sorry again. (I’m a bit tired?)

The request you were responding is illustrated with a screenshot of this page:

I thought it was compliant with the “Observations” thread title.

I assumed that:

Maybe “we” could create in advance an “Ideas for…” page for everything and define in the 1st post how to check what complies with the thread. (Might be also a good incentive for ideas?).
Or in any other desirable way, to make easier a future review of ideas.

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yeah, I can see how that would be confusing.
This topic is about the Explore page, which currently looks like this:

This topic excludes the Identify page and individual users pages like
^ That one is a very old part of the website and not really considered part of the Explore page despite its URL.

Since the staff are already planning to redesign the Explore page, we thought it would be worthwhile to have a single topic for brainstorming ideas around it—rather than have people propose/vote on separate feature requests. This topic is analogous to the topics to propose specific annotations and brainstorm improvements to notifications. These are staff-created brainstorm-type topics, based on the idea that they are already planning on implementing some new features around a specific subject.

Most feature requests can go directly to #feature-requests.


I really value the “photo browser” on taxon pages as a way to view lots of large photos that includes all the photos attached to each observation.

Many organisms require multiple pics of particular diagnostic features, and the zoomed out pic or glamour shot is often set as the first one, which in many cases isn’t the most diagnostic pic:

I would love a “view all photos” type display in a redesigned Explore.


one thing i noticed when dealing with photo+audio observations is that the generic sound icon blocks the photo in list and map view results, and it is hidden by the number of photos indicator in grid view if the observation has multiple photos. so when the Explore page is revamped, please find a way to make sure the sound icon plays nicely with photos.

here are examples based on one of my catfish observations:


this is more of a minor bug report, but i just wanted to note it in case the revamp of the page doesn’t automatically address it. here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. open the explore page
  2. query for any taxon that you have previously observed. (i picked Marsh Wren.) this should pull back observations of the taxon by all users.
  3. open the filters box, and check the “Your Observations” checkbox. this should automatically fill in your id in the user filter box and also reduce the set of observations to just yours.
  4. don’t close the filter box. don’t click the “Update Search” button. instead, click the back button on your browser. that should eliminate your id from the filter box and also brings back observations from all users, but it does not uncheck the “Your Observations” checkbox.
  5. now uncheck the “Your Observations” checkbox. you’ll notice that it’s working in reverse now. your user id is filled in, and only your observations are brought back.

I tried following those steps, and the same thing happened for me.

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