Identify move to next page skips some unidentified observations

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome 118

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  1. Before moving to page 1 to page 2:
  2. Page 2:
  3. After returning to page 1:

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Step 1: Identify some items in Identify screen. Reviewed items will be grayed out.

Step 2: Move to next page, page 2 of Identify.

Step 3: Return to previous page 1 of Identify. Notice that some items that weren’t displayed on page 2 are displayed on the end of page 1, causing “skip to next page” to miss some items to identify each page.

The required behavior:
The first item to identify on page 2 must be the next item after the last one identified on page 1.

You have to work backward through Identify to avoid missing some. I usually start on about the third page and work back to 1, then do the same again. You can’t have the first item on page 2 be the next one after the end of page 1 if you have done any identifying on page 1, because the pages have a set number of items (30, or 100, or whatever you have it set to) and you have removed some by identifying them.


That sounds not unsolvable. Working backwards wasn’t is not the most intuitive way… It can be only a temporary workaround…

This is not really a bug, but sort of what I was getting at here:

Two other possible workarounds: mark everything you don’t ID as reviewed (and just reload page 1 when finished), and/or increase the number of items per page (reducing the number of times you have to reload or switch pages).


I’m often confused by the current functioning of page changes in Identify mode. It’s either a bug or just really non-intuitive, poor functionality of the Identify pages. IMHO when you open the Identify function, the pages loaded for that particular effort (session) should be “sticky” so that you can navigate back and forth between pages of that set of observations without iNat reloading an updated set. I might put in a request for a “Refresh” button (or “Update” or whatever) which would allow an identifier to explicitly ask for a new/revised set of observations.