Identify not showing all photos

If an observation has more photos than fit in the thumbnail row, the Identify interface doesn’t show them all and there is no indication that there are more photos. That could hide important details from the identifier.

Platform: iOS

App version number: N/A

Browser: Chrome and Safari

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Description of problem: I use Identify to put annotations on my observations. I was surprised that I apparently hadn’t included all of the shots of this plant, which I caught in several stages of the development of its square-bottomed composite flowers. But when I opened the observation to edit and add the missing photos, there they were. Had I been looking to identify the plant, I would not have had all the info.

I don’t mind that it doesn’t show all the photo, because I know we don’t want to encourage unnecessary photos. I just think there should be some indication that there are more photos, so an identifiers knows to look at the observation another way to see them.


Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

In identify, only the first 11 images are shown per sighting, and there is no way to view any additional images:

There is also no indication that there even are any more images, but viewing the sighting directly shows that there are actually 16 images!

It would be helpful to have a little scroll bar here or a second row of images or something, because the only way I can find to view all of the images is to zoom out to 75% (or to go to the page for the sighting).


Isn’t there already a report for that?

Oh there might be, I did a search and couldn’t find it but if you can find it please feel free to merge them

I’m interested to know what circumstances require 16 photos to document an observation. Is this documenting a diversity of behaviors in one observation? For the toughest identifications of an insect or plant that I can recall, the max I’ve ever uploaded is about 8 to 10 images, and its usually only 2 to 4 at most.

for me, 10+ photos would usually be a series or two to capture action / behavior. more and more now, though, i’ve started to move away from taking a lot of photos in series to taking videos and linking to the videos.

2 Likes And it’s far from being the toughest insect, for many many taxa to show how you got through the key you need a lot of photos.

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The other Bug Report on this at hasn’t gotten any response. Maybe it’s not considered a bug, and this should be a Feature Request to either not allow more than 11 photos, or to not allow observations with more than 11 photos to appear in Identify. I saw one observation where the hidden photos were of a completely different organism than the first 11, so the current set-up is not ideal.

Bug reports now merged.


I’ll add to my weekly report.

FWIW if you zoom out to like 50% you can see all photos. ;-)