Identifying on an android phone

Is there a decent way of identifying stuff on an android phone? I mainly use a computer for identifying but could do a bit more if I could quickly ID some things on my phone when I have a spare 5 mins. My wife said she would identify stuff instead of playing a game on her phone if it was easy to do.

Using the explore page in the official app isn’t great and neither is the website. Is there something which loads observations quickly and is fairly easy to use? I don’t mind if it has some limitations (e.g. I’ve seen mention of an experimental app for identifying “unknowns” only)

The official android app Explore page is slow to load a list of observations, you need to edit the filters to remove “research grade”, it doesn’t show you which observations you’re already identified, when going into an observation it sometimes loads the previous observation I was looking at (I think because it was still saving my id).

The website is ok it you just want to tap “agree”. Opening and closing an observation isn’t great on a small screen. It’s probably a bit more usable that the app but still not the most relaxing.


Here’s a Feature Request you may be interested in:


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