Identotron hangs when place is cleared

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Identotron hangs when place is cleared.

works for New Zealand
works for Africa

But one cannot see them all together;

& Place = Earth (Supername) does not work
(says “No matching species”)

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Same behavior in latest Safari (16.5.2) on latest macOS (13.4.1)

The Identotron is basically deprecated at this point, so it’s not really something we actively support any longer. However, I made a GitHub issue here in case it’s an easy fix. But since the location chooser isn’t totally broken, I don’t think it would be a priority.

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Rather than totally deprecate it, can it not be integrated with the “compare” button - so that it is effectively the compare button with a url?

I’m not sure what this means. But if you right click on Compare you can get to the Identotron.