Idle Questions about Site Stats

Idle question number 1: On the Explore page, after clearing the Place filter, the total number of Observations is 30,139,646 as of 2019-12-26. On the Site Stats page, the Observations graph shows 34,881,522 on 2019-12-25. Which is correct? And how are the totals calculated on each page?

Idle question number 2: The Users graph on the Site Stats page shows a total of 2,491,986 users. The Explore page shows 831,788 Observers and 107,301 Identifiers (and there is probably a great deal of overlap between these populations). Apparently about 2/3 of the users have never submitted an observation. Are they real people, or are they just spam accounts?

Idle question number 3: Actually an idle observation. Based on the numbers on the Explore page, the average is 36 observations per observer. However, the top 500 observers (actually 499 without Questagame) have made 6,896,833 observations, so their average is 13,821 and the average for everybody else is 30. The top 499 represent 0.0017% of the observers but have added 22.9% of the total observations. This is even more extreme than I would have expected. I would be idly curious to see a more detailed analysis of observer activity.

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The Explore page by default excludes casual grade observations (obs lacking a date, captive/cultivated, lacking a location, etc). If you uncheck the verifiable box in the filters, right now it says 34,888,605 obs

There are lots of spam accounts.


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