IDs to subspecific level don't change the community ID?

Hi all, i’ve always wondered why IDs to subspecific level don’t change the community ID unless someone else makes an ID of the same subspecies or if someone makes an ID to specific level. This happens even when the subspecific ID descends from the earlier IDs

I’ve noticed this in butterfly IDs which is why i’m very reluctant to ID to subspecific level in case no one else agrees and the community taxon remains stuck at a higher level. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

It’s not a ‘problem’ or bug, it is an intentional design choice.

See a much broader discussion here


Thanks. I understand that this is an issue with programming and i hope this gets resolved soon

It’s not an issue with the programming. The programming is doing what it is designed to do.

It’s a design choice, the behaviour is intentional and doing what it is designed to do.

If you feel the design choice is wrong, feel free to comment in the other thread, and or vote for the change. But until the site owners decide the design choice is something that should be reconsidered, there is no timeline for ‘resolution’


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