Maverick ID artifact?

I noticed one of my IDs is marked maverick but there is no apparent reason why.

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I was trying to get the ID on this observation to a more refined level. All the other more general IDs were posted before mine and there is no disagreeing ID shown on the observation page. Yet, somehow mine got marked maverick. I have no problem with having maverick IDs if there is an actual disagreement, but this looks buggy to me as I can’t figure out why it was marked that way.

Polytrichum is in the class Polytrichopsida. The three other IDs are of the class Bryopsida, so they are at a disagreement.


Ok, that makes sense, but why is it not showing as a disagreement then on the observation page like for other maverick IDs (e.g. example here: It seems like it should say that I disagree that this is Bryopsida in that case. It doesn’t do that though.

If you’re disagreeing, it puts that you are disagreeing with whatever the observation taxon is (or whatever it was before you disagreed). In this case you disagreed with Asarum canadense. None of those IDs are mosses. (Note that you bumped the ID back to Asarum even though you have a maverick ID because the 3/4 consensus is only at genus. This is because one ID was a non-disagreeing generic ID so the observation would have been Research Grade at Asarum canadense before you disagreed.)

Still trying to understand how this happened and why it didn’t count as a disagreement. Looking at the history on the first one, the comment on the first ID on the page seems to infer a disagreement with another ID (club mosses, I presume) that possibly was deleted later? If that’s the case, it’s possible when I put my ID of Polytrichum on it, that the community taxon was “plantae” - I honestly don’t remember. At that time point, I might not have been disagreeing with the community taxon and it wasn’t counted as maverick. It looks like that change might have happened because the original ID got deleted between then and now?

I’d guess there was no original ID. I suppose it could have gotten deleted as well. I think if an ID is deleted after being disagreed with, the disagreeing ID still says it disagrees. But it is possible that there was a higher level taxon and removing an ID made your ID a maverick without giving you a notification (not sure if that’s being addressed in the notifications revamp or not). Also see this new flag addressing potential confusion with the common names:

Glad to see some follow-up on this. Even if it was maybe just an artifact of the system rather than a bug, that maverick ID with no apparent disagreement seemed so strange that I was sure something wasn’t working right.

Yes, it was, and I’m convinced it’s wrong, hence why I disagreed. Proud to be maverick on this one! LOL