Can't log into Discourse with iNat account if not already logged into iNat

I tried logging into Discourse in an incognito window, not yet logged into there, and got the whale shark mentioned on the Google Group.

I then logged into my iNaturalist account on, then tried logging into Discourse again. Worked fine.

Getting logged out of my iNaturalist account when I shouldn’t be is a frequent enough issue (also mentioned a lot by others on the GG) that I can see this potentially being annoying.

Edit to add: whoops, just saw the new posts on the GG : )

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Actually, looks like I stay logged into Discourse when I get logged out of iNaturalist.

Ok, it’s sort of working now for account creation, which was a bug on our end, but now when I try to sign in with my iNat account, I just get the option to create a new Discourse account, which might be on their end. I’ll see what I can do…

Edit: I take it back, it’s working, I just forgot that I didn’t create my main account by signing in with iNat.

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