Images of caterpillars

Is there a way that in a project, like Caterpillars of Eastern North America,, only images of the larval stage showed up, instead of the adult form? I know you could go in individually and select only larval images, but it would be nice to be able to scroll through the project’s species seeing only the caterpillars.


Assuming you’re asking for the Species tab for a project to have custom images filtered by annotation?

I’m not aware of a way to display anything but the default taxon photo when looking at the Species tab. Many leps don’t even have cats included in their selected taxon photo set, but you can at least add taxon photos if you want.

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trh_blue, since observations don’t get added to the Caterpillars of Eastern North America project unless they are tagged as larva, there should at least be images of caterpillars for those included.

Yeah, I wasn’t aware either but there seems to be a lot of robust programming ability “behind the scenes” that doesn’t get tapped so just thought I’d ask.


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