Impossible to change my mail

Hi ! I am unable to change my mail in the settings. I change it, and I confirm, but when I refresh or come back, it is always the same adress. I don’t use this one and it’s different from the one I use in the forum. Do you have any idea ? thanks a lot

Are you clicking this after you enter your new email address?

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Yes of course. But the mail is still the same.

Do you mind if I log in as you on our test server and try it out? It won’t affect anythingn on the live site.

Of course thanks a lot

OK, a couple things here:

  • if you’re inputting the email address you use for the Forum, there’s already an iNat account with that emal address. Which is one problem.

  • However, when you try to use an email address that’s already taken, you should see this warning after you save your settings. (this is from my test account. it comes up whether I use French or English.)

  • when I try to change zanskar’s email address on our test server, the warning doesn’t appear if I enter the email address associated with your Forum account. When I enter my iNat account’s email address, I get the warning. So something seems to be buggy with your other iNat account.


  • you can log in to your other iNat account and delete it, then see if you can use that email address for zanskar.

  • I can merge your other iNat account into zanskar, then you can try to change its email address again.

I’m going to do some more investigating into this.


Thanks ! it worked by deleting the former one ; to be honest I did’nt remember I had another account, maybe a test years ago , but as you pointed, strange I did’nt get the warning this email was already taken. Thanks anyway, all my inat, forum and donorbox are now with the same adress, which was not the case before. Have a nice day !