Improper word case for names of months in Danish

I don’t know if this is something that can be fixed, or if it is a result of a default formatting being applied, but the names of the months in the year in Danish should never be capitalized, they always appear in lower case

So here August should be august as an example

It’s the same in Swedish and Norwegian, but the site is not as of yet translated into those languages.

EDIT - I see now the site has had a new Swedish transation rolled out and the names are in lower case there, so it must not be a default format being applied. Is it something in the translations ?


Hmm, can’t seem to find that on Appears to be correctly translated and formatted there:

I’m thinking it may be unfixable (ie being generated as a result of coming after the period - thus being interpreted as the start of a new sentence), but who knows exactly what formatting is being applied.

Yes, you’re probably right.

Definitely opaque, but you can address this by adding translations for the month names at Amusingly, “August” is the only month that has currently been translated in lowercase.