iNat does not transfer date and time from photo to observation form for photos of plants only

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Step 1: I take nature photos at a specific location to document the biota there to upload to iNat. Or I use photos taken on birding trips in the past. all photos are jpeg.

Step 2: I upload the photos to Adobe Lightroom on my laptop to crop, edit and select photos to be kept.

Step 3: I transfer the keeper photos to my desktop, from which they are uploaded to Flickr.

Step 4: I select the photos in Flickr that I want to submit to iNat as observations and transfer those photos to a folder on the desktop.

Step 5: I upload each photo one at a time to iNat. When each photo is uploaded, iNat picks up the date and time the photo was taken and shows that in the observation form.

Step 6: Since the ‘Big Crash,’ it took several weeks before iNat would pick up the date and time of photos for upload. That gradually improved to where all photos of animals had the date and time transfer ok, but none of the ones of plants only would pickup the date and time. Now a plant photo will transfer date and time once-in-a-while. The rest of the time I have to manually add the date. When I do this, iNat automatically adds the time at that moment, which I then have to delete since it is not the time the photo was taken. I have no idea why iNat selectively picks photos of plants only to not incorporate the camera’s date and time.
My laptop is a MacBook Pro from 2017. My camera is a Nikon D7200.
Any suggestion on why this is happening and what can be done to rectify the problem?


Can you link to one of your observations which didn’t sync correctly and one taken on the same day that did?


Might be an issue with EXIF data? I would check the EXIF data of the photos that you are uploading to iNat to make sure it is similar for all the photos that you are uploading.

This is the one in the screen shot that did not display the date and time:

This is one from the same day that did display the date and time:

I have checked that for the photos I have in Flickr (which I download to my desktop for upload to iNat. I have not found a single example of the EXIF data being missing, or missing just the date and time information. I’m baffled as to why it would just be for photos of plants only that the date usually does not get picked up by the observation submission form on iNat.

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Using that photo, I cannot reproduce, it displayed the date as July 2 when I uploaded it. Can you reproduce it using that photo? Perhaps uploading to flickr changed the metadata somehow? If you can reproduce it with that photo, maybe uploading to drive / dropbox will allow it to be shared and maintain the bug.

Having a reproducible example will probably be the only way to diagnose this bug.

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I’m not sure I understand this. After you upload photos to Flickr, you then download the photos from Flickr back to your computer, then upload those files to iNaturalist?

I can also confirm that using those pics that date/time uploads correctly (web uploader in Chrome)