Upload form does not always incorporate date and time from photo exif information when the photo is added

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Step 1: click the upload button. select the photo to incorporate and click twice on it. the photo appears in the upload form. the date and time from the photo metadata should appear in the date/time box, but sometimes it does not appear. Sometimes it does appear, but it is the wrong date, or, more often, the time is wrong. This happens randomly - sometimes only a few times in a set of uploads, sometimes it’s nearly all of the individual observations in a set of uploads. It would seem that if the correct date/time info transfers from the photo to the form once, it should do it for every photo being entered. Is there a setting I need to adjust?

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Step 3:

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Can you please email some of these photos to help@inaturalist.org?

Are you processing your photos (e.g. cropping/resizing) on your computer before you upload them? Some photo editing software and/or settings may erase or change the EXIF data on the photos, i.e. the “save for web” function on older photoshop versions would do that. I occasionally use that on purpose when I want to obscure both the location and the exact time of the observation for heavily poached species to make it harder to trace from the photo data.

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Yes, I do usually process photos before uploading, in Lightroom. I’ll look for the ‘save for web’ function and turn it off if I find it. All of my uploads to iNat recently have included the EXIF data, including date and time, correctly. Thanks for the reply.

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