iNat is down again :( 23 Jan 2020

if you had not noticed yet.
504 error, all of Discord sees it too


Already back up? It seems okay here (West Coast), at least.

Good in Florida too.

aha, see, I magically fixed it. Nothing to do with the staff or external factors, I’m certain

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I should have known a forum post was the key to fixing it, not just whining on Discord! Thanks blue ;)

I saw that, I assumed it was only me because I added a comment to Gerald. It is now back up

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I think Geralds is sabotaging the site, tbh

assuming all goes well, I’ve set the topic to close in two hours.

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I never noticed it being down, but the interface of the “updates” page is looking a little weird. I wonder if they’re making changes to how that works, and if that might be related.

So the problem i am getting is that the @ is not autocompleting on the comments area ?? is anybody else seeing that

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