iNat mentioned in Ologies episode

Hello all,
Had to share another mention of iNaturalist. This time in the Dipterology episode of Ologies with Alie Ward. Enjoy it here:

Just as I am a huge fan of iNat, I am a big fan of Ologies. If you haven’t given it a try, please do.
Meanwhile, enjoy your time out and about in nature and I’m looking forward to see what you all find out there.


Nice! Is this the first iNaturalist reference on Ologies?

I’m not sure. Though I have listened to dozens of them, in no particular order, and this was the first I came across.

I think I’ve heard Alie Ward mention it a couple other times too. I think the August 30th episode Diplopodology with Dr. Derek Hennen (@derhennen on iNat) on millipedes and centipedes. She’s mentioned in passing about other citizen science stuff (the bat listening project in her backyard with the LA Natural History Museum and Miguel Ordeñana (who is also on iNat)) so I’m presuming she’s into this stuff and has an account here.

Anyway, I also noticed @scubabruin! I’m a big fan of the podcast. Cool to know that there are other Ologites in iNat community. For those that are aware of the Ologies podcast, it’s great and has a most excellent library of past episodes that will give you months of good listening.

edit: I would love to hear Ken-ichi do one.


I love Ologies and have listened to many many episodes, but hadn’t caught up to the Dipterology episode. I’m listening to it now; excellent recommendation!


I listen to Ologies too :heart:


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