iNat on the Radio

Forum, a San Francisco public radio call-in show, dedicated an hour to iNaturalist today.

@kueda and @loarie, as well as iNat users @gyrrlfalcon and @prakrit, were interviewed, and there were some really cool stories from callers. It’s definitely Bay Area-centric, but I think it’s a great listen, especially during today’s downtime.


I talked about iNat and other nature stuff on a podcast that released this week if anyone wants to kill another hour


This is really cool! It’s nice to see some more publicity for the site. Hopefully it’ll encourage a few more people to try participating here.


If anyone who called or wrote into Forum and made it on air wants to identify yourself here, please do! It would be great to associate some stories and usernames.


since it wasn’t already done, i thought i’d take an initial stab at summarizing some of the show contents. feel free to update:

Time Code Content
00:00 Sponsors
01:15 Program Intro
02:20 Episode / Topic Intro
03:15 Ken-ichi & Scott on the origins of iNat
06:45 Ken-ichi describes mechanics of observing in iNat
08:45 Scott describes the data and science that comes from iNat
09:30 Ken-ichi describes Machine Learning within iNat
10:30 Break
11:00 Scott talks about the future of iNat (vision, new organization, Moore Foundation grant, etc.)
13:15 Community stories and Q&A
14:15 Break & Sponsors
15:45 Community stories and Q&A (continued)

the original link above also does not allow you to skip around to different parts of the program, but the Apple podcast page does allow you jump to different parts of the program. however, if you listen via the Apple podcast link, there are more commercials at the beginning. so you need to add about 0:30 to each of the time codes above after the initial sponsors section.


Listened to the Forum show on my walk this morning. I was intrigued with the number of times the concept “life-changing” was invoked with respect to people’s experience with iNaturalist. It’s so much more than an “ID app.” Good show! (Of course I also made a few observations along the walk.)


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