iNat observations going to Atlas of Living Australia before RG

This is probably more of a question for Atlas of Living Australia than iNat, but someone here may know the answer.
I know that many (?all) iNat observations from Australia also go to Atlas of Living Australia. I have recently found that some of my observations are listed on ALA BEFORE they got to Research Grade. I often make a tentative identification of my observations, happy to later correct them in the light of subsequent ids.
Will the ALA species records be updated reflecting these later changes? I suspect not. If this is the case, should I stop putting forward these tentative ids?
I would be much happier if only RG observations were moved over to ALA.

Yes this is correct; the ALA pipes over all needs ID and RG records as long as the licensing matches their requirements.

They do update the changes. Feel free to make as many tentative IDs as you want, because the changes will be reflected in the ALA

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Thanks for the reply - that is reassuring.

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