iNat requiring the completion of optional form fields

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Step 1: iNat refuses to add observations to the project, requiring the completion of optional (without an asterisk) form fields. The effect appeared only today, before that I successfully added observations using exactly the same scheme

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Step 3:

There was a recent change to the code that checks for required fields. That might have started this issue.


I have this same problem; it started on 12/02/20. Running Safari 13.1.2 on High Sierra 10.13.6 .
The work-around of adding values to all the projects’ observation fields is not a good solution. For example, to add plants to one of the projects I participate in, I have to fill in nonsensical values for fields suitable only for animals, such as “Behavior”, “Eating”, etc.

I just started having the same problem today with the optional fields in the Eggs and Nests project (using Chrome). edit - as of around 3:50pm est, I’m back to being able to add observations to projects without having to fill out all optional fields.

iNaturalist is also requiring this optional field form for the Quercus garryana Range Project. It is new as this AM.

Sorry about this bug, folks, it should be fixed now.