Project observation field required when adding observation(s) even though "required" box unchecked

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Step 1: Add observation to “Variegated Wild Plants” project

Step 2: You will observe that the “Wild Leaf Variegation Type” observation field pops up as “required” despite the box not being checked on the project settings. (I have tried checking it, saving, then unchecking it and resaving to no avail.)

Hi Jillian - it looks like the field is not actually required - I was able to add an observation to the project without clicking “Add” next to that field.

If the field is required, there will be a little pink asterisk next to the field name:



I remember being confused by this the first time I saw it. Might be worth making a feature request to remove “* Required” if there isn’t anything required.


Huh, okay, it is also working for me now. Very weird! It had the “add” button grayed out when I posted - tested repeatedly. I may have been expecting setting changes to take hold too quickly. Thanks!

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