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I am happy to help out too, especially insect taxa, - en:User:Shyamal

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Having edited Wikipedia for a few years now, I can help out any new users from iNaturalist that wish to edit on Wikipedia. You can leave a message at my talk page on English Wikipedia.


Based on what I’ve heard, the mods over at Wikipedia can make it a bit difficult when making pages for new species. From what I’ve seen on iNat so far, it seems like this isn’t a problem, is it?

They shouldn’t–by longstanding consensus, individual species are presumed to meet the general notability guileline by virtue of their initial scientific description and subsequent secondary sources mentioning the species.


The only issue for taxa should be that there should be some documentation of of statements. That also prevents, or helps prevent, issues where there were edit wars between taxonomists who wouldn’t cite their materials. Unless it’s an admin who doesn’t actually read their own guidelines, there shouldn’t be an issue with creating taxon pages that way.

That said, I’ve encountered a couple hiccups on getting blatantly misidentified photos moved on the related Wikmedia. Generally this has been fairly smooth as well, but there’s a long-standing appeal to have some debris-bearing larva no longer have file names indicating them to be Chrysoperla carnea. Those may just need to have new renaming requests entered or may just need a second voice…

Hi jonathan142, are those misidentified images still present on WikiMedia Commons? There are three larval images that I see, but they appear to be correctly labeled.

Should anyone have questions about Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons etc) that don’t belong in this thread or you don’t feel comfortable posting here, I am sure all of the following (myself included) would be happy to help if you DM us:

We’re active in both communities and always happy to lend a hand navigating policies and best practices on wiki.


On Wikidata is the a preferred or proper way on a taxa page to indicate the article in which a species is described?

On the page for the article itself, I assume the has subject qualifier could be used, but how about for the reverse?

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The work where a taxon was described can be entered as its own Wikidata item and then any relevant statements in the Wikidata record for the taxon can be ascribed to that as a source.

It looks like Property P5326 (publication in which this taxon name was established) gives you a specific way to make that link.

You would probably also want to use that work as the source for the taxon name property (P225).

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Hi Jonathan, thanks for sending me the link of the two files in question with incorrect/mis-identified names. I resubmitted the request template and they have both been renamed now based on the information that you provided on the talk page.

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