Inaturalist in the News : Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India) biodiversity project clocks 37,000 observations

Yet another news article , and one that has a lot of details of how inaturalist was used.

Chennai biodiversity project clocks 37,000 observations in three years; documentation of ‘nearby nature’ proliferates during the pandemic

The Biodiversity of Chennai can be accessed at


Link to article:

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Is there a running place to post news articles? I see one for iNat in Scientific papers, but seems like it would be cool to have a list of news about iNat.
Here’s one from the US

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Heh, well, there’s our Press page, which is not updated too often, although site curators can edit it if they want. IMO for the forum it’s best to have a separate thread for an article, to keep the discussion oriented on one thing. And then maybe there could be a wiki topic for iNat in the press, similar to the one(s) for scientific publications.


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