iNaturalist in the news: Twin Cities Minnesota

iNaturalist is being featured in local news of the first documented case of the invasive Asiatic Garden Beetle (Maladera formosae) for Minnesota (MN).

“St. Paul homeowner identifies new invasive species in MN”:

“Meet the woman who discovered an invasive insect in Minnesota”:

This is actually just one of two newly discovered invasive insects (the other is the Elm Seed Bug) and the state is asking folks to be on the lookout for more that are on our doorstep. It’s good to know that iNaturalist is helping in this matter.


One of my friends is in Minneapolis for a conference, saw this on the news today, and sent me a link because he knows I love iNaturalist. Invasive insects aside, the iNat mentions are great and might help to connect a few more folks with the natural world.

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