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I just established my first project. I have it up and running but would like to customize the home page with things like “events” or “observer of the month”. I see items like that on other project pages but can’t find how to add them.


Hi @vickiebell, welcome to the iNat Forum. :) I thought you might be referring to other projects’ journal posts, but looks like you got that part figured out ( Could you link an example of what you are referring to?

On Traditional projects there is more space on the homepage to edit the “About” section to add more content, but the About section gets a bit more hidden on Collection projects - have to click “Read More”.



Thanks for your reply. Maybe that is the problem. I’ve been viewing a couple of examples to help me start my project. One is “Vermont atlas of life”. Is there a way to tell if that is a collection or traditional project?

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The easiest way to distinguish them is based on their overall appearance - e.g. collection projects have a more contemporary look to them with larger fonts and photos, and the header background stretches the full width of the page.

You can make a traditonal project with this link:

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