Update Traditional Projects design to match Collections/Umbrellas

I noticed that you can make three different projects on iNat, an umbrella, a collection, and a traditional project. I recently made a traditional project, however, due to the traditional project’s older platform design than the other two projects, it looks a lot less sleek then other projects that are collections or umbrellas. Also, I cannot add a cover/header photo to the project page, even though I have tried about eleven times. If I am correct, the photo measurements are 950 x -400 px, and even though I have cropped different images to these restrictions various times, it still won’t meet the criteria, and I keep getting a message that the photo won’t work for the page. Whereas the other two newer projects just let you drag a photo in, and only recommend sizes, and let you decide whether you want to hide any of the image or not.

Is there any way that iNat could change the “traditional” project platform to look a bit more up to date like the others? At least, could they change the photo uploading requirements so it’s not impossible (for me) to upload a header/cover photo?



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In this same vein (updating Traditional projects), only the older iNat users understand the term “Traditional” for that category of project. I suggest changing this to “Custom” or “Customized” instead of “Traditional,” as it conveys better why this category exists. It’s important to many of us and we don’t want it left behind. Thanks!


I agree, because as far as I know there is no other way to collect observations in a Project based on Fields, which the User can create and assign to any observations that fit their requirements. Eg I created a Project for “Seeds found in NZ”, which can be assigned by anyone to any observation, intended for good clear images of …Seeds found in NZ. (“Seed” being a non-scientific, purely functional term in this case, for whatever we lay people understand as a seed, or container of seeds, etc).
(on a side note -after a flurry of initial activity in “my” Seeds Found in NZ Project, I came across a pre-existing Project with a very similar function, which would have made mine unnecessary had I been aware of it. So in future before creating such a Project I will try the Global Search on related terms to see if such a Project already exists. I did PM the creator of that Project asking if I should delete mine and combine the obs, but I haven’t had a reply so I kept mine in operation since it had been recently added to by several other users).

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I kind of like having a visual shorthand to distinguish what kind of project I’m viewing, though.