iNaturalist Storage - what is the safe way to reset


Two friends are using android phones and you could call them power users (in the last few weeks they have been logging an average of 50 to 60 observations a day) and they only use their phones.

This is the current state of the app

BlockquotePhone Poco M2 Pro
Andoid Version 10 QKQ1.191215.002
MIUI version - Global 12.0.4 (Stable) 12.0.4 (QJPINXM)
Android Version 1.23.7

Storage Used - 14.58 GB

Realme 5S RMX1925
Android Version 10
Realme UI Version V1.0
iNaturalist version 1.23.4

Storage Used 22.84 GB

I read the [one thread of limiting cache size here] (

At this point, I want to say, I am unsure of what the contents of the Cache are , or why is iNaturalist hogging some much space.

  1. Is it that all the images uploaded to iNaturalist through the app now also residing on the phone memoiry (duplicating the photos the have in their gallery) ? if so would deleting this iNaturalist cache also delete the images on iNaturalist ? (i suspect not so)

  2. what is the downside of deleting this “cache” ? I am assuming that one downside is that they cannot easily browse their previous records - (esp. if the internet is slow)

What is the correct process to proceed - reinstall app, log out and in or just clear the app memory from the app management tool

In case of clear the app memory would it also delete the “configuration settings - locale, pinned locations etc” or would it just delete the image memory


  1. Upload all data/observations
  2. Logout/login

Thanks :-)

I tried it but it did not work :-(
Still 17.71 GB userdata… My apologisch but a few years ago this really worked for Android.

Remove cache does not help, saves 1 GB.

I logged 7Aug Out en In with iPhone SE2020 and 2200MB cache and iNaturalist 3.1.1. was using 2.3GB and after 2 days use it is still only 48,7MB so it worked this week for me.

On Android there is a “delete all app data” option on the App Settings. I will try that tomorrow though

I didn’t think the photos count as App data - I usually delete photos manually. Since the only photos I take with my phone are for inat observations its easy to select them by day anbd delete large bunches at a time.

I believe the cache is more about storing thumbnails and species names and the sort of thing you do when searching and using inat for other things than recording observations.

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One of the people I was helping found that he had 14GB in his Trash :-) - clearing that up freed a lot of space.

I think cleaning thumbnails and species names etc should not be a big deal as the info wi;; “always” be available in their own account in Inaturalist

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It used to take up 1GB. I uninstalled and reinstalled then it went down to 200MB. I think we need a more permanent solution.

  1. Yes
  2. No, pics online stay online.
  3. There is no downside, the photo;s are not used anymore anywhere. They are only used to take space on your phone :-(

Could be if you make edits on a already saved photo you do not loose quality cause the edits are done on original photo’s and not on already saved ones, but I am not sure.

Thanks @optilete

You are welcome. You can vote for this request in the top left corner, cause probably there is a solution for this, it just has to be implemented and released.
and the results:

‘‘2. So I suspect this is related - it will be interesting to know out of those users with lots of storage being used - do they mostly use the app to upload observations?’’
Your friends are also in this categorie, I presume?

@ram_k My advice is to upgrade to version Android iNaturalist version 1.23.18 (507) or higher. It reduces the amount of Userdata. Only the 100 most recent photos are stored, number 101 is deleted: ‘’ hold on to 100 of the most recently created local obs photos’’. ’ The figures just before and just after the upgrade:

Total: 9.44Gb–>1.33GB (euh??)
Userdata: 9.39GB–>1.27GB
Cache: 1.02GB–>1.02GB

Thank you @optilete

Disadvantage of ths new version that you loose icon’s of the observation in the app and that the amount of space is growing again. Do not now if cleaning takes place every morning or so…

New version:
Upgrade to version Android iNaturalist version 1.23.19 - 508
Total: 1.73Gb–> 509MB
Userdata: 1.68 GB–>430MB
Cache: 1.66GB–>410MB

Am an app user only so i can tell others what do to. Will ask if people are having issues.

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