Limit Cache Size or Allow Cache Clearing for Apps


The iPhone and I believe also the Android app cache all your pictures from your observations (in addition to saving the photos on your photo roll). For casual users that’s no big deal but for ‘power users’ the app can quickly swell to several gigabites in size. Currently the only way to clear the cache is to sign out then back in, or delete and re-install the app. This works OK once you know the trick, but causes confusing for new users. Also, if you are in the field and can’t upload first, you can’t do this without losing un-uploaded observations.

I personally don’t have any use for the caching, and would just turn it off if there were an option - the photo is also saved on the photo roll and can be re-downloaded. However, a button to clear the photo cache, or an upper limit beyond which it deletes older photos from the cache, could each solve the problem as well. It should work when not in cell reception, for those cases you unexpectedly exceed your phone’s storage on an extra productive field day.



Agreed! I slowed my phone (Android) to an absolute crawl (plus had issues with it crashing repeatedly) before I figured this out.

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I had no idea about the caching. I don’t often use the app for submissions, but we’re about to do a BioBlitz and I was going to do a workshop specifically encouraging people to do that. I will certainly mention clearing out the cache; thanks for the tip!



A clear cache button on the iPhone would be nice but if it is only for caching photos it can be removed as wel… i upload the photo which can some takes 10 minutes immediately after adding, so a cache has no benefits but only drawbacks because the app starts complaining and after some time stops working.
To be honest i think the cache does not work at all. If i add photos and remove the photo from the filmrole the whole app gets stuck and stopw working.
So i am wondering if there is any benefit… but the app is never bigger thant 1.5GB…often my spare room is less than 700MB beccause another app also has the habit to grow HUGE…and has the big draw back that is does not give back space.

Is there a huge difference between anroid an iphone apps ?



Strongly support a cache-clearing option. I’m continually bumping into the upper limit of my storage and having iNat take up 2 gigs is not helping.



Does one have to log out and log back in? Can’t the cache be cleared, at least in Android, from the App info section of the system settings? Screenshot_20190412-103852|250x500