iNaturalist Taxonomy DarwinCore Archive has incorrect genus for every subgenus

I downloaded the " iNaturalist Taxonomy DarwinCore Archive" linked from on Aug. 3. It includes a taxa.csv file dated Aug. 1. This file has the iNaturalist taxonomy in it along with selected ancestors for each taxon.

I’ve found that for every taxon with ‘taxonRank’ = ‘subgenus’, the ‘genus’ column lists the subgenus name again instead of the actual parent genus name. E.g subgenus Dialictus lists its genus as Dialictus when it should be Lasioglossum.

Thanks for taking a look. Cheers.


Besides ‘subgenus’, the same issue exists for the ‘section’ and ‘subsection’ ranks.

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Thanks, we’ll take a look.

Thanks for the quick fix! It’s all good in the September version.

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