iNaturalist Updates for May 2023

Here’s a list of iNat updates for May 2023. Thank you, forum moderators, for tracking these!


  • Behind the scenes work on optimization for better performance
  • New Computer Vision model released!
  • Continued work on API v2. Curators can test it and provide feedback, see this thread.
  • Many additional translations throughout the websites and apps - you can help.



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  • No update.


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  • Version 3.2.7 released. Minor bug fixes, new translations.


  • Released May challenge

iNat Blog

For even more bug fixes and updates, check out iNaturalist on github and see previous monthly updates.


Thanks everyone!

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Well done for all this work!

No topic for June 2023?

You replied to @lythronax246, but they don’t write these. I’ll try and have one up today.


Maybe I do not know how the forum works, could be. In my opiion I replied to the last item in the thread…

I am replying to you, @optilete , by using the gray “Reply” icon at the bottom of your post (which is currently the last item in the thread).

And now I am replyting to the thread as a whole by using the blue “Reply” button next to the “Share,” “Bookmark,” and “Flag” buttons. The system treats these ways of replying differently.

I do not see the difference, two buttons to reply to a topic, but what is a difference, I found a new topic ‘June 2023’

The difference is that when you click the “Reply” button under someone’s comment, that person is notified - as you just were when I made this comment. It’s also possible to view the comment someone was replying to, even if it’s much earlier in the topic. If you use the blue “Reply” button at the bottom, you reply to the topic as a whole, and only people who are “watching” the topic will be notified.

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