Problems on iNaturalist (February 6 2021)

In 2 words:
the site has become very slow.

Difficult to post the observation and so on.

Best regards

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Its been going alright for me this evening. Is it the only site going slow for you (e.g. do a speed test). I posted about 90 obs in the past few hours but have had slowdowns previously at this time of day but before the hardware upgrade yesterday.

Hey. I’ve added the date into the title to avoid confusion with similar threads.

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It’s the only slow site…

That’s 14 words

impossible to continue.
always very slow

That would be Gerald, Doing what he does best :grinning:
It’s fine for me…

That’s how slow it was… 14 words typed, but only two showed…

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site is slow for me too a bit but forum is fine. especially when submitting an ID (like min 10-15 sec), or adding an observation takes (like 20-25 sec) delay. if this is the case of being slow :upside_down_face:

The iNat site is fine for me (in Canada). Moth Photographers Group and BOLD have been deadly slow for a couple of months now, though others say it is fine for them. I use both for ID’s, so it’s a real PIA. I suspect it has something to do with anti-virus software, because one of my old computers with minimal anti-virus software runs both at normal speeds, in spite of having minimal RAM. Perhaps that is the problem?

My Mac works fine.
I have no problems with other sites, not even on Youtube or sites with photographs.
I don’t know what caused this slowdown.
Very slow to open photos on iNaturalist.
Once the page opens, does it sometimes select me the whole page?

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